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Quick start

  • Registration and access to social networks in just a few easy steps
  • That’s it! The system is now ready for posting in chosen networks
  • Add your accounts on Youtube and Picasa and access additional features: posting video and photos
  • Enable an additional language in settings and translate your posts.


Professional performance

  • Schedule your posts in the editor to publish them automatically at a specific date and time.
  • Somebook saves all created posts and events, displaying status of each post in the list.
  • Drafts and multi-access to edition of any post.
  • Creation of events in Somebook and publishing in Facebook
  • Import and republication of posts from social networks, analyzing information on comments and subscribers of accessed accounts


Social networking & media blogging

  • Multi-language full-feature blog on Somebook, including support of user domains
  • Blogs feature an in-house comment system Commentatr with access through social network accounts
  • In addition to 2 post feeds Somebook features a media section, static pages, photo albums, video collection, audio albums and audio player.
  • Creation, tracking and calendar of events
  • Access Google analytics for your blog from Somebook dashboard

Somebook is impressive. It’s a unique ad extremely user-friendly system. It puts a new spin on managing resources in social networks...

Елена Забурдаева, политтехнолог, заместитель декана факультета международной журналистики МГИМО

Time and nerves are irreplaceable resources. Working with Somebook sure helps to save both.

Валентина Бауман, маркетолог, организатор мероприятий

Somebookis a wonderful and handy service. Write one perfect post and send it to all popular social networks at once with a single click.